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May 28 2017

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“Early morning fog rolled through San Diego’s Balboa Park.” —Calofirnia Today’s caption for this Scott Opis photo

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“Lots of leaves everywhere you look.” —Ethan Bodnar, who took this photo at the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers

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“Hittite carved crystal hedgehog, Anatolia, ca. 1500 B.C.E.” —Rabih Alameddine (reminds me of that amber bear amulet)

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Plastic Dinosaurs, Chris Speed:

It’s in these moment the I’m quite interested in returning to now, as we begin to think about life and what things will become in 2117. Have you all got a plastic human yet?

Evoking Nigel Thrift, and that perhaps an idea of transubstantiation isn’t something that we need to associate with the Catholic church, but instead it’s something that we need to take seriously as we do begin to run out of a material we take for granted, that we use to fill up our cars at Tesco, but instead “I believe that the sheer scale and sophistication of what is happening now [and something that will take place through the next century] amount to something quite different: a studied extension of the spatial practices of the human which consists of the production of quite new material surfaces which are akin to life, not objects, and thereby new means of bodying forth: new forms of material intelligence producing a new, more fluid transubstantiation.” Driving in the City, 2009. Nigel Thrift.

With Thrift’s ‘more fluid transubstantiation in mind let’s think about what you might want to become, since one of the few things that we do know about 2117 is that you all, will be dead. The question is, what will you become?

So to finish then, I’d like you to get yourselves a human, if you don’t mind, and I want you to play Rathbones little game. The human that you have in your hand, I want you to take it and add some more information to it.

I want you to take a toe tag, and I want you to write on it and attach it to your future self.
And I want you to write the following information on to the tag:

Your name, so that we know who you are whenever you’re dead.
I’d like to know when you’re going to die, so date of death please.
But in the end referring back to how the dinosaur feels, because of course it didn’t know that it would become a shadow of its former self, I want you to write down what you might become by 2117.

So you might die by 2060, 2070, but what will you become?
Will you become energy? Will you become a thing? What will you be haunting?

As evidently many of the things that we see about us are haunted through the lives of things past: animals and vegetation, and into carbon, energy or oil that make things present.


Below are some of the humans that were tagged with names, dates of death, and something that they might become…

One pictured above.

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“A masterpiece of #IceAgeArt and the oldest known sculpture of a horse. Carved in mammoth ivory, the Vogelherd Horse is 35,000 years old. You can see this remarkable #IceAge sculpture (it is just 4.8 cm long) in the museum in the castle at Tübingen.” —Jamie Woodward

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The Mar Vista Time Travel Mart (826LA

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screenshot from “Frisco Oakland bikelife” at apporximately 7:54 (via “California Today: The Bay Area’s ‘Bike Life’ Riders”)

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Light falls of board walk, Eizin Suzuki

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Relief prints of Trunk Woodcuts

By: Nash Gill

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California Street, San Francisco, Todd Walker, 1964

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Civil War, Lebanon, Raymond Depardon, 1978 (via Magnum)

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“PVBLIC INSPECTION INVITED” —Robin Sloan at [Sunol AgPark](Sunol AgPark)

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“Who do you think won this showdown??” —Viv K

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“Responsibility for one another is what we mean when we say one nation under God.” —someday is now, Corita Kent, 1964

Related news, via Tim Belonax: “Come alive! @hammer_museum has digitized its Sister Corita Kent archive.” See it at Digital Archive: Corita Kent in the Grunwald Center Collection.

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Untitled, Sharon Lockhart, 1997 (via KCET)

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‘Paulosie carrying caribou hide & meat back to camp’ ~ (Inuk) ~ Steensby Inlet, 1976, photo by Robert Semeniuk [LAC] (via Paul Seesequasis)

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Catalina Island, Billy Oh (via California Today)

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