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May 28 2017

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Kellan Jett illustration for “The New Diploma Mills

April 25 2017

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This building uses emoji cast in concrete as modern gargoyles” (via an xiao mina):

Emoji are going to be some of the most recognizable icons of the 21st century, says architect Changiz Tehrani, which is why he decided to cast 22 of them in concrete and use them as decoration for a building in the Dutch city of Amersfoort.

“In classical architecture they used heads of the king or whatever, and they put that on the façade,” Tehrani told The Verge. “So we were thinking, what can we use as an ornament so when you look at this building in 10 or 20 years you can say ‘hey this is from that year!’” The answer was obvious: emoji.

April 23 2017

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Night in Kyoto, Sekino Junichiro, 1980 (via Darran Anderson)

April 22 2017

I’m a…poetico-trampo-geologist-bot. & ornith-natural, etc.!!
— John Muir (via Robert Macfarlane)

April 21 2017

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“Anne Bonny and Mary Read are just two of the famous female pirates who pillaged their way to fame.” (Lebrecht Music and Arts Photo Library/Alamy via “The Swashbuckling History of Women Pirates”)

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“Yesterday a cat ran onto the field at Yokohama Stadium, and the sports photographers’ photos of the cat are beautifully dynamic.” —@mombot

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“The king ought to be poor or he’s unfit for the job.” —Austin Kleon

April 16 2017

What does it mean to become Californian? It means locating yourself, according to environmental historian Stephanie Pincetl, in a panorama that includes Hollywood, the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Big Sur, San Francisco, Disneyland, the redwoods, and Death Valley. She might have added Compton, Route 99 from Fresno to Bakersfield, the Silicon Valley, the San Fernando Valley, the Central Valley, and the whole of la frontera from Yuma to the Tijuana. Pincetl included in her list the seductive mirage of El Dorado, the folly that led to all of the state’s ruined paradises. An imagination so spacious as to dwell in all of these Californias requires a different kind of intelligence, attuned to many vernaculars. The alternative is living daily with the experience of estrangement, discontinuity, and forgetfulness. Californians who need something to stand with them against these disorders might find it in Michel Foucault’s notion of “a particular, local, regional knowledge, a differential knowledge incapable of unanimity.” The desire to sustain “ecologies of the vernacular” and live in “habitats of memory” may be the new requirement for becoming Californian.
— D.J. Waldie, “What Does It Mean to Become Californian?
That ability to “make do,” or improvise, applied in many ways. “Placemaking” is the work of the mind as well as the hands. Living in California has often meant that you have to become familiar with and conversant in both the mythic place and the real place, and know where they come together—that seam where the extrapolation and the real meet.
— Lynell George, “State of Being: Envisioning California

April 15 2017

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Above are ten images of Agnès Varda from JR’s Instagram feed, to which I was directed by Aaron Stewart-Ahn in his interview with Agnès Varda. JR and Varga made the forthcoming film Visages, Villages together.

  1. “AGNES SUNDAY STROLL #AgnesVarda” —JR

  2. “Pasting of the day with Agnes Varda and @m_chedid for our film “Visages Villages” .. “Faces Places” … #comingsoon #June2017” —JR

  3. “On the road 🇨🇭 #AgnesVarda #Film” —JR

  4. “SEA SIDE installation by Agnes Varda @blumandpoe gallery in New York! Go and see it!” —JR

  5. “IN NEW YORK TONIGHT the opening of my homie
    Agnes Varda @ BLUM & POE, New York
    The shack of 🎥 Vagabond done with super 8 mm print of the film.
    19 E 66 th street NY / March 2 - April 15
    ❤” —JR

  6. “Sunday work session with Agnes Varda #FilmProject #InProgress” —JR

  7. “Took this portrait of Agnes Varda today at her solo show in Bruxelles at the Musee d'Ixelles ! She has always been fascinated with potatoes … #bruxelles” —JR

  8. “My partner in crime Agnes Varda just turned 88 ’ 🕯❤️”—JR

  9. “Agnes Varda on selfie mode @festivaldecannes ✨” —JR

  10. “Agnès Varda in front of her 1962 Self Portrait #ParisStudio” —JR

There are many more images and videos in JR’s Instagram feed: with Mos Def, in front of the Café La Belle Equipe, in New York, scouting in a factory, with JR on her shoulders, petitioning help for a project, a similar video, looking from a train, looking out at the water, with Robert De Niro, censoring a photograph, falling asleep, in Brusselswith Pharrell Williams, at the oceanside, in a swimming pool, in a wheelchair, and likely others that I have missed.

Reposted byhash hash

April 14 2017

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“oh you think the moon is round too - guess what bitch” —Count Gripsnatch

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cover of San Francisco Magazine’s “The Urban Design Issue: Our Future Metropolis

The complexity of our present trouble suggests as never before that we need to change our present concept of education. Education is not properly an industry, and its proper use is not to serve industries, either by job-training or by industry-subsidized research. It’s proper use is to enable citizens to live lives that are economically, politically, socially, and culturally responsible. This cannot be done by gathering or “accessing” what we now call “information” – which is to say facts without context and therefore without priority. A proper education enables young people to put their lives in order, which means knowing what things are more important than other things; it means putting first things first.
— Wendell Berry, “Thoughts in the Presence of Fear,” Orion Magazine, 2001 (via Crap Futures this time, posted previously)
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Abigail Reynolds, The Red Library, 2014 (via Shannon Mattern)

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There is a funicular railway coming to San Francisco as part of the Transbay Transit Center (via Jef Poskanzer](https://twitter.com/jef_poskanzer/status/852543854389493761) via Burrito Justice. This is more evidence that San Francisco is the Valparaíso of North America.

April 07 2017

[Los Angeles is] the metropolis of its own real-time simulation.
— Benjamin Bratton, quoted by Sascha Pohflepp

April 03 2017

You’re spending too much time thinking about what other people might think and too much time second-guessing yourself. Go where your energy is, and when you come to a point where you need to make a story choice, go with the less comfortable one. It’s only time and paper. Ride the wrong way for a while and see what happens.
Warren Ellis
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